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Should You Enter into a Premarital Agreement?

Premarital agreements or prenuptial agreements are practical but far from romantic. However, if you set aside romance and emotions, it is actually quite useful in protecting your rights and properties if your marriage eventually ends in divorce. It is a practical way to look at marriage. The unfortunate truth is that not all marriages work, and many ends in separation and divorce.

For decades, we’ve focused our practice on family law, and we are well-versed in creating premarital agreements. The Helms Firm is a board-certified family law specialist with years of experience in various issues and cases concerning family law. She will assist you in creating an agreement that best meets your requirements and fits your needs.

Why Should You Create a Premarital Agreement?

There are three instances when premarital agreements may be advisable:

  • You’re entering into a second marriage, and you and your future spouse have children of your own, and you would like to preserve your assets for your children.
  • You own a business and you have partners.
  • Your future spouse has a significant amount of debt. An agreement will protect you from creditors

You own a business. A premarital agreement can protect the business (and your partners).

Your spouse has significantly more debt than you. A premarital agreement can protect you from having to assume those obligations.

How We Will Protect Your Interests

At The Helms Firm, we have helped hundreds of clients with their premarital agreements. Kara takes the time to understand your property concerns and draft an agreement that protects you. If your spouse's attorney has drafted the agreement, we will review the document for unfavorable terms.

We also have experience litigating premarital agreements. If there is a dispute over the agreement, we will take the matter to court if necessary.

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