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Are You Ready to File for a Divorce?

Choosing to file for a divorce and move forward is not an easy decision. It is unsettling not knowing what the future holds for you and your family. Perhaps, you’re wondering what you can do to protect and preserve your interests during this time.

At The Helms Firm, we ensure that every individual who seeks divorce and asks for our help will have the help and support they need. We understand how difficult the process is, and we aim to help our clients push through the myriad of legal confusions.

Kara Helms has been a board-certified family law specialist for over 25 years. Over the years, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience with divorce and other cases involving family law. She offers great value to her clients as she helps them through the entire process. She can also help you as you prepare for this challenging process. She can provide you the answers you seek and help you make practical and wise decisions that can affect your future.

Addressing Clients Concerns

Divorce is a relatively tumultuous and stressful process. Kara aims to provide the best legal assistance to her clients – taking the time to meet with them, listen to their fears and concerns, and help them create a plan that will benefit everyone involved. Over the years, she has dealt with countless families dealing with different dynamic and has walked them through the process of divorce. She can address concerns regarding:

  • Property relations after divorce
  • Family home concerns
  • Custody questions and concerns
  • Spousal support

There are numerous challenges and erroneous beliefs associated with divorce. That is why it is critical to work with someone who knows the law, understands the process, and possesses the experience to help you through the process. Have faith that when you have The Helms Firm by your side, you will be informed of your rights and will have the absolute support necessary to protect these rights and move forward with confidence.

If you are considering divorce, schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We will be happy to answer your questions about the next steps in the process.

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